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Obtain business critical information quickly and simply using Sea-web's web application. Sea-web is used across the industry by a range of maritime professionals
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Sea-web's data is researched, analysed and collated by our team of experts ensuring you have access to the most accurate and timely ship information.
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Seaweb Application

Sea-web is an easy-to-use service that provides a range of simple and complex search capabilities. Analyse your results through it's powerful grid allowing you to sort, group, find, export data and gather intelligence.

Sea-web's extensive ship database holds critical information on over 180,000 ships over 100 gross tons.

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Seaweb Ships

Gather Intelligence from Sea-web's ship information containing up to 600 data fields on over 180,000 ships of 100 GT and above. Access over 200,000 maritime company records including owner, operator manager and shipbuilding companies with seven levels of group ownership.

Sea-web Ships is an online register of ships that equally serves as a powerful research tool, updated daily by our team of experts. Sea-web's extensive image library contains more than 116,000 ship photographs.

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Seaweb Ports

Sea-web's Ports information provides comprehensive details of over 10,000 ports & terminals including a complete description of the port and all of the relevant facilities, pre-arrival and navigation details, berths and cargo, tanker berths, plans and mooring diagrams, contact details of port service providers and agents, port photographs, as well as local weather conditions.

Sea-web Ports can be purchased as a standalone offering or can integrated with other services.

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Seaweb Directory

Whether you need to find a supplier or research new markets, the Sea-web Directory provides a fully searchable online resource to help you generate new business and increase your customer base.

Sea-web Directory provides a comprehensive and integrated online solution ensuring you have access to the very latest maritime company information. Search maritime company details, ship operator details and personnel contact information. Sea-web Directory provides enhanced search capabilities and the facility to export data.

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Seaweb News and Insight

Obtain critical insights into profitable shipping methods, industry trends and developments enabling you to discover opportunties, as well as challenges and make smart day to day business decisions.

Sea-web Insight brings you daily breaking maritime news and in-depth analysis covering a full spectrum of shipping and port related issues appealing to the entire maritime community. Content comes from our experienced editorial team that create IHS Fairplay magazines, ensuring that you have access to the most complete maritime news source available.

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IHS Maritime Sea-web: Latest Maritime News
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Estonian shipping company Tallink has announced the 14-month charter of the Baltic's largest ferry, the 59,914gt Silja Europa, to Bridgeman's Services of Canada, with an option for a further four years.  Full story >>

A system to automatically process visa-holding passengers leaving and entering Helsinki’s West Harbour terminal has begun a five-month trial.  Full story >>

French LNG tank specialist GTT (Gaztransport & Technigas) is to supply its NO 96 membrane containment system for the world’s first 10 icebreaking LNG carriers.  Full story >>

Globus Intelligence, an international forensic investigation consultancy, has joined up with the Human Rights At Sea organisation to provide independent maritime investigations.  Full story >>

Costa Concordia, having passed the halfway point on its 190nm journey, is expected to arrive in the port of Genoa on Saturday night.  Full story >>

Today is the last trading day in the shares of EMS Seven Seas, the ship chandler and maritime services company, on the Oslo stock market.  Full story >>

Drugs busts by Italian police have led to the arrest of a number of current and former employees of the port of Gioia Tauro.  Full story >>

A spate of fixtures in the Western Australia-China iron ore route provided some positive news for Capesizes this week.  Full story >>

A Japanese fishing vessel capsized and sank after colliding with a feeder ship yesterday about 10km northeast of Tsushima Island, Japan, in the Korea Strait.  Full story >>

All shipping channels around the Yongle Islands in south China's Hainan Province have reopened after dredging there has been completed.  Full story >>

Port of Jacksonville, Florida, has installed the $2.8M PORTS (Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System) decision-support program to save money, improve navigational safety and enhance research on the St Johns River.  Full story >>

Malaysia-listed Yinson has sealed a share purchase agreement with BW Offshore's indirect subsidiary Prosafe Production Public Limited (PPPL)to dispose of its entire equity interest in Nautipa (NAS) to PPPL for a cash consideration of MYR187.98M ($59.1M).  Full story >>

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